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It seems that everyone who is old (or young) enough to be interested in the opposite sex is into online dating – it’s the biggest social arena in the world. Many people make the mistake of thinking that just because it is online, they can say and do whatever they want – the most important of all tips for online dating is that if you want to find a real relationship online, you will need to behave in the same way you would in the “real” world. One of the most important tips for online dating is to keep in mind that this is not where you are going to stay – at least not if you are serious about taking the relationship further. Everything you do online must be done with the idea of actually meeting the person as the next stage in the relationship, so don’t do or say anything that can blow up in your face later.

It may sound odd, but plan your search for love in an organized manner – with the millions of people online, you need to spend time finding the right person and not just date the first person who sounds good. Check out all the information you can find about the person, including a Google search (if you are sure of whom you are searching for) because the more you know, the better you can judge if this could be the right person for you. Every list of tips for online dating will tell you to be honest, and that makes sense – but do not blindly expect the other person to follow the same policy. Keep in mind that even when trying to be honest, people can often unintentionally mislead others – it’s difficult to be objective about oneself; so be ready to over look small inconsistencies.

It’s easy to flirt online but never push to hard – forcing yourself on a person who wants to go slow can kill a budding relationship. It could be that the person is hesitant to respond and wants some more time to be sure of you – that can be a good thing because it shows that the person is looking for something serious. If you have found someone online whom you want to meet for real, don’t push too hard – drop a few hints about the possibility of meeting for real and only take it further if you get a response that shows some interest in the idea. And if a meting does take place, offer a neutral place where both of you are comfortable and if the offer is made to you, insist on the same.

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