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If you want to mend a broken relationship, it is going to take a lot of time and commitment. There are things you need to figure out and plans you need to make. On top of this, everything has to be done with your partner’s cooperation. Keep in mind that just like keeping a relationship going, mending one takes two people.

Talk to Your Ex

One of the most important things you need to do is to sit down with your ex and have a heart to heart talk. Do this somewhere public, like a cafe. Having the meeting somewhere private could lead to someone being uncomfortable. Also, try to choose somewhere that isn?t directly tied to memories of your relationship. If you can act mature and serious about trying to mend a broken relationship, your ex is far more likely to agree to trying again. Explain to them that mistakes were made, but don’t point fingers! Don’t even lay all the blame on yourself. This will only lead to more problems. Make sure both your side and their side are heard out fully, without interruptions.

Take it Slow

The last thing you need to do right now is try to force your relationship back into full swing. Don’t move back in together right away. Spend time together and apart, and keep trying to figure out where the last try went wrong. This will help you to keep this new relationship intact. In order to mend a broken relationship, you need to give that relationship time to heal from past wounds and let new love grow. By not trying to push it too far, too fast, you will allow just that to happen.

Keep the Communication Lines Open

Once you start talking again, make sure you talk about many things. Discuss what makes you happy, what frustrates you, and anything else you want to talk about, but don?t angry or start pointing fingers. A common cause of relationship problems is a breakdown of communication. In the beginning, couples share their feelings with each other; but over time they share less and less. This can lead to massive frustration on both sides. To mend a broken relationship and keep this from happening again, encourage your partner to share their feelings with you. Listen to everything they have to say, and make sure you are attentive. Ask if there is anything you can do to help with frustrations. If they try to stonewall you, gently try to get around it by pointing out that refusing to talk isn?t going to solve anything. When you need to share something with them, stay calm. If they don?t seem interested, point out to them that you have patiently listened to everything they had to say, and you expect the same courtesy.

Sometimes You Can?t Mend a Broken Relationship

Keep in mind that it isn?t always possible to mend relationships. No matter how much effort is put into it, sometimes they just aren?t meant to be. But many relationships can be salvaged, and those involved are happy for many, many years afterward. So don?t give up on a relationship if you think it still has a spark of love and the potential to be wonderful.

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